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The A-B-C's of ARC

ARC stands for “Audio Return Channel.” It’s a method that allows you to send video and audio from an input source device to a TV, while at the same time sending audio back from the TV to the input source.
ARC is an optional feature of High Speed HDMI® equipment, and was an optional feature of the Standard HDMI® Cable standard; it’s included as mandatory using a High Speed HDMI® Cable standard.

ARC is most commonly used in the following home theater configuration:
Blu-ray™ Player (by high-speed HDMI® Cable) >Surround Sound System (by High Speed HDMI® Cable HDMI-ARC) > TV

To properly use HDMI-ARC, you need:

  1. A surround system that supports HDMI-ARC. At least one of the HDM®I inputs should be labeled with “ARC” to denote which ones support it. Sometimes a surround system will only have one HDMI® input that supports ARC and a few that do not (all on the same box).
  2. A certified “High Speed” HDMI® cable (High Speed HDMI® Cable). If the packaging is labeled as a certified registered High Speed HDMI® cable or higher, that is recommended.
  3. A TV that supports HDMI-ARC. Similar to the surround system, many times there will only be one HDMI® input that supports ARC> On Sharp AQUOS® TVs, this is typically HDMI® v.1 or 4.

Note: Please refer to your Sharp AQUOS TV manual to see if you own a Sharp AQUOS TV that supports ARC.

    ARC “musts”
  1. Make sure you have the following; surround sound system, High-SpeedHDMI® Cable, Sharp AQUOS TV that all support HDMI-ARC. This will include splitters / switches / adaptors that are between them.
  2. Make sure you connect the High Speed HDMI® Cable to the right input on the Sharp AQUOS TV (Usually HDMI® v.1 or 4. This is listed in the operation manual of each Sharp AQUOS TV that supports the feature.
  3. Make sure you are connect the High Speed HDMI® Cable to the correct input/output on the surround system. Again, this should be specifically labeled ARC.
  4. Make sure you enable any ARC related settings in the surround system.
  5. Make sure you correctly setup the audio-output setting on your Sharp AQUOS TV.

Steps for setting up your Sharp AQUOS TV:
1. Access the menu using your Sharp TV remote control.
2.  Using the arrow buttons on your Sharp remote scroll left or right and press enter on “System Options.”
3.  Arrow down and press enter on AQUOSLINK Setup.
4.  Arrow down to AQUOS LINK Control, press enter and select “On.”
5. Arrow down to Audio Return Channel, and select “Auto.”
Your setup is now complete.

Remember, please refer to your surround sound system operation manual for assistance with setup, or contact the brand manufacturer's support line.

For additional Sharp support on your AQUOS TV, please contact 1-87-SEE-AQUOS – 1.877.332.7867.

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